Laboratory & Pathology

Laboratory & Pathology

Laboratory & Pathology

The Department provides a wide range of high quality laboratory tests and procedures to aid our Physicians carry out their diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients.

The Laboratory and Pathology is composed of the following Sections:


  • Anatomic Pathology – aids the Clinicians in the management and treatment of their patients by providing them with complete and accurate diagnosis. Housing the modern equipment to date, the Section offers a wide array of tests, including routine, special and Immunohistochemistry (IHC) stains. The Section also caters to referrals from other institutions and slide reviews for second opinion. The following are the available tests:


    • Cell Block and Cytology Smear
    • Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy (FNAB)
    • Frozen Section
    • Histopathology Routine
    • Slide Review
    • Special Stains


  • Blood Bank & Transfusion Services – has the capability to recruit and screen blood donors; collect, process, store, transport, and issue blood for transfusion; and provide information and/or education on blood transfusion and transmissible diseases


  • Clinical Microscopy – performs physical, chemical, and microscopic examination of urine, stool, semen, and other body fluids


  • Hematology – offers and performs routine and special tests on the components of whole blood (e.g. white blood cells [leukocytes], red blood cells [erythrocytes], and platelets [thrombocytes]. The Section also performs differential count and coagulation studies to measure the blood’s ability to clot.


  • Clinical Chemistry – involves simple, sensitive, robust, and easily automated methods for routine and STAT (emergency) blood tests. This also involves enzymes, metabolites, electrolytes, hormones, proteins, lipids, and other blood tests.


  • Molecular Services – in partnership with DOH accredited molecular laboratory.


  • Microbiology – specimens are examined microscopically using various techniques to study their characteristics and confirm the presence of any pathogenic microorganisms. The Section also performs different tests to identify which antimicrobial agent is best to stop the growth and multiplication of the pathogenic microorganism.


  • Outpatient Services – provides safe and quality patient experience on pre-analytical specimen collection such as blood extraction, nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swab, and other outpatient specimen collection procedures


  • Immunology and Serology – performs different examinations to detect the presence of proteins made by the immune system to protect the body against pathogens and infectious agents


Location & Contact Details

  • Basement
  • Phone: 8712-3655
  • Viber:  09771661025

 Service Hours:  24/7